Saturday, March 23, 2013

Remodel - Mess

I am writing this post in hopes that it will save another family their money and heartache.

So our remodel turned out to be a nightmare.

The contractor left in the middle of the job, stealing the majority of our money.

Much work was left undone and the work that was done is mediocre at best.

Many corrections have had to be made.

The contractor is Edward or Ed Reyna.  His wife is Jane Reyna. 

The do business under San Juanita Reyna Inc.
DBA Second 2 None Installations

Business Address. 7419 Breezeway
Houston, Texas 77040
Main #: 832.429.7266
Cell 831-441-3086 or

They had this facebook page but it has been taken down

They are a homeschooling family and I met his wife at our homeschool co-op.

He served in children's ministry at his church.

Oh yeah  and we gave them a piano, for free.

He skipped town and was reported to be in Dallas and heading to El Paso.

I hope this post saves someone much heartache.  If you googled and have come upon this sight looking for a reference, please contact me.  I have email exchanges, facebook exchanges and over 110 text messages of excuses, days he did not show, requests for more money and so on.  I also have copies of canceled checks, and material receipts of the materials we bought after he spent all of our money and could not move forward with the job unless we paid for materials. 

This is my non expert list of what had to be done.  In addition to this list, things that were done had to be fixed.  That list is nearly as long as the to be done list.

1 Skim coat #2 downstairs ceiling 
2 Skim coat #2 downstairs wall
3 texture downstairs wall
4 texture downstairs ceilings
5 install radius corners in hallway
6 skim coat radius corners
7 skim coat #2 hallway
8 texture bedroom 1
9 texture bedroom 2
10 texture laundry room
11 texture bathroom
12 skim coat #2 laundry room
13 skim coat #2 laundry room archway
14 wire overhead light in laundry room
15 frame laundry room door
16 install laundry room door
17 frame bedroom 1 door
18 hang bedroom 1 door
19 frame closet door
20 install tracks for closet door
21 hang closet door
22 finish wiring for ceiling fans/install switches bedroom 2 
fans / connect on off switches
23 finish wiring for ceiling fans/install switches entryway 2 
fans / connect on off switches
24 install ceiling fan bedroom 1
25 install ceiling fan bedroom 2
26 install ceiling fan entry 1
27 install ceiling fan entry 2
28 install plate at electrical outlet in foyer
29 tile bathroom floor
30 tile shower walls
31 tile laundry room floors
32 finish wiring switch for bathroom fan
33 install shower door
34 install vanity
35 connect plumbing in vanity
36 install toilet
37 connect plumbing to toilet
38 hang mirror
39 finish bathroom cubbit
40 connect plumbing in shower
41 fill floor crack
install wood flooring
42 bedroom 1 
43 bedroom 2
44 hallway
45 steps
46 Install closet shelving track and down rods
47 Build cubbies over bathroom
48 finish / install molding aroung cubbies
install baseboard 
49 laundry room
50 hallway
51 foyer
52 bedroom 1 
53 bedroom 2
54 bathroom
55 install floor molding entry
56 install medicine cabinet
57 frame school room french doors
58 hang school room french doors
59 trim school room french doors
60 paint school room french doore
61 frame school room single door
62 hang school room single door
63 trim school room single door
64 paint school room single doors
65 rehang chair rail in foyer
66 reconnect banister / make safe
67 stair step sticking out --- fix
68 run wiring for light in laundry room
69 connect bath exhaust fan
70 repair attic frame pull down that was damaged in switch
finish wiring outlets
71 bathroom  4 plug gfi
72 bedroom x2
install switch plate covers
73 laundry room
74 entry way
75 bedrooms
76 bathroom
paint baseboard
77 hallway
78 foyer
79 bedroom 1 
80 bedroom 2
81 bathroom
82 bathroom door
Paint trim
83 bedroom door
84 closet door
85 laundry room door
86 attic frame
87 entry way ceilings
88 foyer wall
89 hallway
90 hallway ceiling
91 bedroom 1 ceiling
92 bedroom 2 ceiling
93 laundry room ceiling
94 bathroom ceiling
95 bedroom 1 wall
96 bedroom 2 wall
97 laundry room
98 bathroom
99 Close off closet access to window
100 Build shelf for arch window shade
101 Finish shelf/window bottom with trim
102 Secure dryer exhaust to outside vents
103 Secure bathroom exhaust to outside vents

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  1. He did it to us too! We are another homeschool family. I found him on an ad posted on gha lists first Monday business ads. We were the job right before yours. I have all the documentation and communications saved as well and l have to have my job redone at some point this when I can pay for it. The floor to the shower holds puddles because it is not sloped correctly. It is always wet and can stink. He is a crook! My job was quoted to take 14 days. I begin to pursue criminal charges at 9 months of a unusable bathroom. He hurriedly threw up tile. Stay away! I am sorry this happened to your family too!


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