Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We have been crazy busy!  We were preparing for the homestudy, spending time in the hospital and living life.

Our home study is behind us.  We have a few items to finish up before our social worker can finish the homestudy.  We are eager to complete the list.  It includes an online training, physicals for the family and a vaccination for the dog.  The physicals are slow coming.  Due to insurance contracts, we needed to change doctors for daddy.  No less than 4 phone calls later and I believe the records were faxed this afternoon.  I am hoping to schedule the physicals for us tomorrow and the kids are all going to the doctor on Saturday.

I am processing lots of paperwork.  I need a proof of home ownership from our county.  Simple?  Nope!  I was told by a super competent county worker this afternoon that the person writing the letter would also be the person notarizing it.  Grrr...

We have not had a ton of fun ... just a little ... here are a few pictures from the last weeks .. enjoy!

All natural cough medicine - it is yummo!

We learned about the wonder of God's creation.  We compared a camel's hooves to a horse's hooves and discovered that a camel can walk on sand without sinking.


The baby girls thought they were baby dolls.  You know they are dolls! 

We has a fabulous Valentine's Party. 
2 families - 14 kiddos ten and under
cupcakes, strawberry icecream sundaes, lolipops, chocolate ovaltine milk
real table linens and dishes!

Miss Hollywood came to visit.
(and forgot her glasses in the backyard
which poochie promptly chewed
the arms off of - bad dog) 

Big sister taught little sister how to crack eggs.

Big sister read to little brother.