Wednesday, June 27, 2012

12 Unit Cup Holder

How does a mama with 2 hands and 9 kids carry all the cups?


Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Pan

I am so jazzed ... Look at this pan!!!! Mama is going to be cooking lots of eggs in this!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

The kids treated Daddy to a breakfast in bed. 
Noah is hand feeding him almonds.  Talk about service!

Coffee, almonds and toast, decorated with a ladybug and candle. 

You can see Wayne wearing a World's Best Dad shirt in the pictures above.  This is a Father's Day tradition.  We have made one for him every year since Grace was born.  Below is the 2012 version. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's a Date!!!!!!

We met with the cochlear implant surgeon today and received good news.

About two weeks ago when we were in the process of reviewing records, submitting insurance requests, scheduling appoints and such, one of the nurses called to discuss Seth's upcoming surgery.  She told us that Seth would have surgery on his left ear because his right ear had problems. We believed this meant he would only be able to ever have one implant.  We know the hearing aids do not provide him much hearing. 

I was grieved!

I just thought ... really ... I mean ... really?!!! Can't he get one.single.little.break. 

It seems like everytime we make a step forward, we trip and skin our knees at the same time. 

That disappointment was short lived and a prayer was answered, yes.

Today, we found out that as long as all goes well with the implant in his left ear,  his right ear will be able to have an implant.  There was not some huge problem!  The MRI showed fluid and the dr said it is not a huge deal.  There are many ways to take care of it or it may be completely cleared up by the time we are looking at the second surgery.

We got the all clear, signed all the consents and finished up with the surgeon this afternoon. 


Recovery will take a few weeks and then he will be activated and then mapped several times over the next couple months.  EXCITING TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazon Associate Program

Hi friends.... this is a humble request ...

We have opened an Amazon Associates account. 

If you shop Amazon and feel led to use our associate link, it would benefit our family, but will cost you nothing. All you have to do is start your Amazon purchase at our Associate link. 

This link can be copied and pasted for saving in your favorites. 


We have also placed the link on the left side of our blog. 

Thank you :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

One year ago today ....

One year ago today, Wayne, Catherine and I went to Orphanage 18 in Kremenchuk, Ukraine and we met Seth, Samuel and Gloria.

It was a wild day, kids pouring into the room in rapid fire, picture taking, note taking, medical reviews, heads spinning!!!!  We loved them immediately!  I thank the Lord for preparing our hearts with love before the meeting.

We had no idea what this last year would look like.  We never dreamed it would be as difficult as it has been.  This years has been the harderst walk of our lives and I can hardly believe it is behind us.  The kids have made so much progress, healing, bonding, becoming a family.  We've added several significant medical diagnosis to the kids and are monitoring, managing, giving therapry, having surgeries and so on. 

July 17th is our one year anniversary home and I am working on a big post for the one year update.



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

365 day 149

Noah will take a binky over a rootbeer float any day!

365 day 148

Bartenders friend!!!! My sink has been a nightmare for years! It is finally white again.

365 day 147


365 day 146

They all won!

365 day 145

We call this the dirty rag game. They clean the floor and the one with the dirtiest rag wins a prize.

365 day 144

Babywearing mama.

Babywearing sister

365 day 143

We had Seth, Samuel, and Gloria dedicated to the Lord. Our church took this lovely picture.

365 day 142

This is our portable potty. I keep it in the van. When we are out and someone has to go potty, we turn a diaper inside-out, use the potty, close the diaper and deposit it in a bag. This is a tremendous help when I am out with all nine kids by myself.  The potty and the basket stashes under a seat.  I have a second basket that I keep a few pieces of clothing in, so that my diaper bag is not so huge!

365 day 141


365 day 140


375 day 139


365 day 138

Look who is holding his toothbrush!

365 day 137


365 day 136

Mother's Day!!!! Treasures!

365 day 135

Five generations, the cute baby is me.

365 day 134

God is not dead!!!

365 day 133


365 day 132


365 day 131

Summer haircuts!