Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day One and Two = 22 Hours of Travel

We started our trip on this past Tuesday at 7:30 AM Central Time.  Our pastor and dear friend took us to the airport.  We were very blessed that he was able to take us to the airport.  You see, he has been at the birth of all of my birth children, the adoption of our adopted children, he renewed our wedding vows and has also baptized one of our children. 

This is a picture from a few days before our trip.

Our first flight was just a few hours and Little Man did fantastic until the very end.  At which time, he screamed bloody murder and pulled his ears.  Sweet baby takes after his mama with sensitive ears. 

Little Man and I

It was our first Trans-Atlantic flight and it was fabulous.  We had been praying to be upgraded to first class :)  We did not get upgraded to first class but we did get a row of four side-by-side seats to our self.
Tilt your head to the right and you will see Little Man sitting in one of the extra seats.

What better than tulips to take pictures of in Holland while
walking to our next flight. 

I believe the word toilet is universal.

Little Man - passed out -
keep your eye out for his pass out pictures! 
He has been totally awesome, just fantastic!!!

Us with the view from our hotel in the background.
(I can't figure out why the orientation flipped and
 cannot get it to not flip when I load it to blogger if you
know how - leave me a comment)

We look pretty good for 22 hours of travel; a car ride, three plane rides and a taxi ride.

 A view from our hotel window.

We were very tired after traveling all that time.  We made way to our hotel and waited for a driver to bring us a phone and help us complete our first currency exchange.  We walked across the square and to the little store with the yellow lettering.  We bought cheese, olives, cold cuts and some bread.  Not fancy but it filled our hungry bellies.  To the right of the store was the currency exchange.

I will try to get days three, four and five posted soon.

Love you all ... keep praying ...


  1. Rachael (IdaMom)June 12, 2011 at 6:44 PM

    I have been in the Amsterdam airport many times so the picture of the tulips made me smile. :)

  2. cannot wait to see you with your kids :) :)
    or at least more of them :) :)
    travel safe, have fun and pray!!

  3. Great photos, thanks for sharing your trip with us!
    The quilt arrived last week, and it's SOOOO beautiful!!! All 3 of my girls were trying to tell me why it should go on their beds :o)


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