Wednesday, January 18, 2012

365 Catch Up and a six month home update

Grandparents came to visit and I got behind.  That is the story of my life right now ... everything is behind  in my mind ... but I am trusting that God has a perfect plan for our behindness ...

Six months ago, seems like a lifetime ago.  These six months have moved at an astonishing pace.  We are praising God for these last six months.  I look back at what has happened and what our family has done and am amazed.  Honestly God had to beholding us in the palm of His hand.  Please keep praying for us, we need God to continue to help us each day.  The kids have really adjusted well and it really feels like they have always been part of us. 

I posted some of this on FB yesterday ...


Six months ago, Seth could not hold a cup. Today, he feeds himself with a spoon. He also coulld not use the stairs unassisted ... scroll down and you will see evidence that he has mastered climbing.  He lost his first tooth and the permanent one is coming in fast. 

Medically we are still unraveling Seth.  The dr believes his syndrome may be different than his diagnosis.  We are waiting the results of genetic testing. 

He is doing GREAT with his hearing aids and is eager to let me put them in his hears in the morning. His glasses ... well ... I think I put them on him seventy two times a day.  I think the marvel in that is that he know the hearing aid is providing great benefit.  His glasses help magnify his vision up close, but do not correct his nearsightedness as it is uncorrectable.  I think he does not see the glasses as being as big of a help as the hearing aid.  We are hopeful that his second hearing aid will be available for pick up today.  We should hear this week or next about the next step with his cochlear implant

He has a neurology appointment at the end of this month.  Three of his other doctors are wanting MRIs, but we are waiting until we see Neurology to schedule it.  He will have to be sedated and with the challenges he had recovering from his sedated ABR, we want to minimize the number of times he is sedated.  Seeing your child bagged to breath and not being allowed to see them for hours is not something we want to repeat~!ever~!

He comes for hugs and gives kisses.  For kisses he puts his face to ours.  He likes to be touched.  Yep, he is a sensory seeker!

He cries, real tears.  He laughs, belly laughs.  HIs range of emotions have grown expodentially.  The first time he cried real tears, I nearly cried.  Of course, I don't wnat him to cry, but I do rejoice that he is learning to express himself and communicate his wants and needs. 

Seth .. climbed up on the bathroom counter.  What you can't see is the smears on the mirror.  He likes to see himself in the mirror.  See that hammer in his hand ... his favorite toy as of late.  He hammered with daddy last night for about 15 minutes .... 15 minutes ... that is HUGE ... his focus is usually about 3-5 minutes. 



Six months ago, Sammy did not speak except to say goodbye. Today, he has a vocabulary of 15ish English words (that I understand)

Sammy can nearly dress himself.  He can put his own shoes on with ease. And he has mastered undressing.  I tis not uncommom for him to disappear for a minute and reappear shirtless.  Modest Samuel, modest ...  

Sammy loves all things mechanical and studies them with great interest.  We recently purchased a Melissa & Doug lock/latch activity and he really enjoys playing with that.  He says 'A' says ah, and can count to three. Music, the boy loves music and is often signing ... not sure what he is singing, but nonetheless, he sings.  He loves to play and seems to enjoy school time.   I often set him up with an independent activity and soon he joins the big kids at the schoolroom table.  Besides being very, very, very small,

Sammy's health is progressing well.  He is gaining weight slowly and at his next appointment, I am going to request that his thyroid be tested again.

Sammy playing house

Sammy helping unload the dishwasher



Six months ago, Gloria could not eat solid food.  Everything she put in her mouth would come back out, including liquid. Today, she fed herself penne pasta for lunch. In the picture below she is feeding herself applesauce.  Her pincer grasp is progressing.  She still does the full hand feed, but more and more she is using her pincer grasp.   She is able to drink from a sippy cup. 

She is standing unassisted!!!!! Granted, it is for seconds, but she stands up in the middle of the room, all by herself not using any furniture or toys for assistance.

She is walking while holding our hand.  SHe can take about 8-9 steps and then wants to crawl. She has mastered the stairs and is quick! 

She started teething ... so far EIGHT have erupted. 

She likes toys that make noise and preferes to eat crayons rather than color with them.  She also likes music and does this rocking dance.  She started it recently and at first, it kinda freaked me out b/c I thought she was stimming again. 

She will soon have a speech evaluation and hopefully start speech therapy soon after.

Gloria and her cup.

 Gloria feeding herself applesauce

Gloria standing unassisted.  The picture is blurry because I was moving fast to capture it before she went down on her bottom.


Grandpa and kids

The other kids are all doing well and have adjusted to having the children home. 

Joy is the ultimate big sister.  She just turned 8 years old.  It is hard to believe she is already 8.  Time sure flies.  She loves baby dolls and sometimes thinks the real life babies are her babydolls.  She likes to help me in the kitchen and is an excellent sous chef.  According to her, her favorite things are cooking, brushing the girls hair and helping her mother. She is continuing Second grade work.

Grace is, well Grace.  She is happy, go lucky and if she has a book in her hand she is happy.  You will rarely see Grace without a book.  She reads and reads and reads.  I can hardly keep up with what she is reading.  One day, last week, she read Mr Poppers Penguins and  Dear Princess.  Combined, the books have 398 pages!!!!  According to her her favorite things are  reading, dressing the babies and playing outside.  She is also doing Second grade work.

Bub tells me a few times a week how much he loves Gloria and thanks me for adopting her.  He will sit and roll the ball with Seth.  He is doing a combination of 1st and 2nd grade work.  We just changed his phonics program .. again.  We are using Horizons after stopping Rod and Staff.  Rod and Staff had too many workbooks, writing books, flashcards and drills.  It was really redundant.  Bub wanted to continue the R&S, so I told him we would do the Horizons together and he could work in the R&S books in his free time.  We are still using the reader as it is precious and teaches many good lessons.

Faith is 4 and is a sweetheart.  She is our biggest cuddle bug.  She loves to sit on our laps and be held.  She is doing preschool work and is learning to read.  She knows all of her basic phonics sounds and is successfully reading three letter words.  She wants to do school each day with the big kids. 
Hope just turned 3.  She is a funny little girl with a huge vocabulary.  She talks and talks and asks lots of questions.  She is doing preschool as well.  She is developing her fine motor skills and learning her colors, letters and numbers.  She can say the alphabet and count to 20 ... something.  She loves baby dolls and pretending to be a mommy.
Noah is a happy boy, and is he ever all boy … walking … running … climbing the stairs, the table, the sofa … you know all those boy things!!!!  Being the baby, he is not short on playmates.  The big girls think that he is their baby and love to care for him.   Noah is a good little brother to Gloria and plays well with her.  He tries to keep up with the big kids and has successfully navigated his way to the top of the playhouse in the backyard.
The only complaint the kids have is that Seth is never quiet and sometimes they ask to have a break from him.  I understand and allow them to have away time outside or in their room.  Some days, it is hard for me to listen to him scream all day long. So, when they say they need a break, I give it to them.


  1. So happy to hear that the kids are doing so well. Thanks for the update. We used Explode the code for phonics. I loved these books. We tried them after a number of other things that my kids hated. If you ever try them make sure to purchase the whole number books and the 1/2 number books (1 and 1 1/2) I thought that the half numbered books were just more of the same until i bought one for my daughter who needed more time on the part she was working on. The 1/2 numbered books complement the whole numbered books with listening activities, comprehension etc. My kids loved these books and they helped so much. The aren't expensive either which was a huge bonus. I got them at CBD.

  2. I love the updates! Each child is a blessing. I am excited to get to know them at Friday School this semester!

  3. What a wonderful update, Jen! You are doing such GOOD WORK!


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