Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jesse Tree Ornaments

For several years now we have participated in a Jess Tree ornament exchange.  I am collecting enough sets to pass on to the children when they are grown. 

The Jesse Tree Advent tells the story of Jesus' forthcoming through his lineage starting with Adam and Eve.  It is totally cool!!!!  I am so glad to be passing this on to my kids ... The first year we did the devotions, I leared A LOT about Jesus!!!!!
This year we made twenty-five of each ornament pictured below. 

We made
Day 3: Inside the Ark ~~ Symbol: Ark and Rainbow
Day 11: King David~~Symbol: slingshot
Day 23: The Light of the World~~Symbol: a candle
If your family does not have a daily devotion during the advent season or you wourl like to add to your advent celebrations, I highly recommend the Jesse Tree.  We just love it!
We use this book.  I am posting the link through our Amazon Affiliate account.  We like this book because it has an adult reading and a child reading with scripture.  It also has song suggestions.  We use YouTube and sing away.  Honestly, this month of devotions is the best of the year for our family!!!

If you have little ones that love to color , there are LOTS of free resources on the we.  Here is one.

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