Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hotdog Heartbreak

Yesterday we went to Costco to finish our Thanksgiving shopping.  When we finished, we were "starving" so we ordered lunch from the Costco food court.  We went to the van, loaded up, everyone got their lunch to eat in the van and we were off.  When all this was said and done, we had an extra hotdog.  ... wonder why ...
We started driving and as we approached the first intersection, a homeless man stood there with a sign that said he was hungry.  ... now you know why we had the extra hotdog ... although this was not my plan ... not at all ... 
We rolled down the window and gave him the hotdog.  His eyes lit up, he was thankful, he was God Blessing us and genuinely happy that he was given a hotdog.  A hotdog friends ... so thankful for a hotdog. Genuine thanks ... for a hotdog.  A simple hotdog, that with a drink cost $1.50.  This man had the hotdog to his moth before my window was rolled back up.
OOOOOHHHHHH   ..... My heart was immediately crushed and the tears flowed.  I had a helper with me and I am sure she thought I had lost my mind, I could hardly speak.  I could literally feel my heartbreaking and my throat hurt ... it was a true grief reaction to the poverty of hunger and homelessness.
I had been asking the Lord to break my heart ... but I was not asking Him to break my heart for a hungry homeless man ... I meant He should break it over something else :)   HA.  I wasn't taking about older folks, I wanted Him to break my heart more for little ones. HA HA HA!!! 
So, we fastly hatched a plan to deliver some meals today to the hungry and homeless people that frequent the major intersections not far from our home.
That evening a friend post this "Hey Houston friends! Looking for somewhere to donate a cooked turkey, appx 16lbs, preferably in the Tomball area. Anyone?"  on Facebook. 
A turkey from Heaven!  Oh yeah, the Lord gave us a whole turkey to share!!!!!!!
Or friends delivered the Turkey and some yummy pumpkin cookies close to lunch time, we assembled plates, packed a baggie with a napkin, fork and a drink and another bag with a cookie, and away we went!
Assembling the cutlery and drink baggies
Working on the baggies of cookies
Making the plates
All packed and ready to go.
I am pretty sure we have a new family tradition.
We looked for the man we gave the hotdog to yesterday, we could not find him.  I wonder if we will ever see him again or if his purpose yesterday was to break our hearts.
Ask the Lord to break you heart, I dare you! 


  1. Yes! Praise God for breaking your heart (and that you were paying attention to what He wanted to do with your family this Thanksgiving)!

  2. God bless you and your, family, although i think that He already did.
    You're beyond blessed, wonderful kids and a beautiful heart.

  3. What a wonderful example of faith in action!

  4. Your children are learning to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you for blessing me by sharing this - it's so encouraging that even with a houseful of littles we can serve. - Jamie Stoltzfus

  5. Jamie,

    I really shared this because I want to inspire others. It really is not hard to give and there are a million ways to do it. Our life is crazy busy with temporal things. I think it is important for my kids to get an eternal perspective, even at a young age.

    I wanted to inspire others .. because -

    yes, we are busy
    yes, there are lots of little ones
    yes, we do not have a lot of money


    yes. we have hearts that love Jesus
    and that is all we need to serve ..the opportunities are abundant, as are the blessings.

  6. Beautiful! So blessed to read this post.
    I always carry granola bars in the car, and my kids hand them out to people at intersections asking for food/money. It warms my heart to see my 3 year old give out a Granola bar, and then say "God bless you" to the person.
    Keep on being the hands and feet of Jesus. . .in the process your children are watching and learning such important life lessons :)


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