Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Redemption must look something like this ...

Everynight, Wayne puts Seth to bed and they kneel beside Seth's bed to pray.
Tonight Wayne went to the store for bedtime.  I took Seth into his room and his sheets were all askew at the far end of his bed.  I straightened the sheets and blankets.  Then I turned around to see Seth in the kneeling position.
With no prompting from me, this boy who could not hold a spoon 20 months ago, was kneeling to pray.  He was kneeling to pray ... you see he is teachable, he can learn, and he is learning every single day  ...
I am pretty sure I just experienced part of his redemption.  It is almost too much for words.
Oh and he walked up the steps while alternating feet tonight!  While wearing these big honkin' braces and my slippers.


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  1. So precious! And astounding! (p.s. like his haircut!)


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