Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cooking For Many

I get asked a lot how we afford to feed our family :)

I made Cheesy Chicken Casserole this afternoon.  The amount I made will serve us meals three times.  So for ease of math, I am calling it 33 servings.  Now, yes, the little ones will eat less than the big ones, and such, but I'm not going into that level of detail or analysis ;)

It's partially organic.  No processed soups.  The kids eat it up with great pleasure!
This Cheesy Chicken Casserole cost us $0.75 per serving.
Here is the cost breakdown.
Chicken 2.0  $    4.99  $    9.98
Cheese 0.5  $  13.49  $    6.75
Rice 2.0  $    1.00  $    2.00
Mixed Veggies 1.0  $    5.89  $    5.89
Total  $  24.62
Servings  33.0  
$    0.75
I deboned the chicken and put the bones into the crockpot to make bone broth.  Bone broth is good stuff!


  1. Looks good! Healthy and affordable :) Can you post the rest of the recipe?

    1. Oh - recipes .... I am a cook! Not a chef. I really cook by taste.

      I'll tell you what I did.

      I made 2 pounds of rice in the rice cooker, seasoned with a small amount of salt and olive oil.

      I deboned the chicken - they were rotisserie chickens from Costco.

      I heated the five pound bag of mixed vegetables until they started to soften. I heated them with a little water and the broth at the bottom of the chicken containers.

      Then I added the rice to the vegetables, added the cheese and then the chicken. I mixed it all together and spooned it into the casserole dishes.

      When I am ready to use it for a meal, I will heat it in the oven for 30-40 min at 350ish.

  2. this is great! I would love it if you would share more ways you feed your family.

  3. Sounds very tasty. We have 11 children, but three are celiacs and have severe food allergies, as well, so we can't make one meal to feed all. Does this recipe freeze well in the pan or do you transfer it to another container?

    1. I freeze this in the glass casserole pan pictured. Then it can go from freezer to oven without any additional work.


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