Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Guest Post from Daddy !!! Day 8: Meeting Trinity

As we pull up to the orphanage, I get this feeling of deja vu. This place looks strangely familiar to the orphanage in K. Images of broken hula hoops, ball pit, and mirrored wall flash in my brain. As we enter we are met by the social worker and are told that the director is not here, but will meet with us on Monday to answer any questions we have. We are taken to a small office, and introduced to the doctor. She tells me what I have already read and already know.  ...    ...    Needs Therapy. Can be done with Horses and in water. She tells me they do therapy every day Monday through Friday for one hour.

We are escorted to the play room. It is bright with yellow everywhere. Curtains, walls, mats, all yellow, not the dingy gray and dark blue I was expecting. Trinity enters the room carrying a toy dinosaur and it is "love at first sight". The unsteady gait, the yelling "aaaa!", non-smiling but joyous face, the dark eyes, the thin arms and legs. She is beautiful. Amazing. Wonderful. Beautiful. Trinity has a strong grip from the strong desire to walk even though she is not able to balance.

Electronic toys are brought and set out on the mat. Trinity is more interested in interacting with the human beings in the room.  I am told that with assistance she can eat with a spoon and drink from a cup.  Most of her play is with a Noah's Ark toy. Picking up the animals and holding them. I am reminded of her lack of fine motor skills (although they call it something else) as she bangs the toy animals together.  I pick her up and she leans into me.  They remind me that her birthday is coming soon.  Yes, in three weeks Trinity will be three.  Trinity crawls away, much faster than I had imagined.  She likes to walk, so we walk back and forth across the room, her holding my fingers.  It is time for lunch and for nap, so we leave. 

.When we return in the afternoon, it is shift change.  The social worker and nanny are in the little office with Trinity ready for our afternoon visit.  We are escorted down to the playroom.  While we are getting settled, Trinity moves over to where the Noah's Ark toy is sitting up on a bench and pulls it down.  I get out a sesame street piano and start playing Mary Had a Little Lamb.  She likes musical toys, but doesn't know how to play with them. 

When she wanted to be held, I would play the Mozart cube that we brought and dance with her.  This would bring an open mouth "aaaaa" as we spin around the room. 

When she didn't want to be held, we started with the "walking to the door" routine.  I don't know what it is with my new children, but they all seem to want to lead me somewhere that they're probably not supposed to go.

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