Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Days One, Two and Three

It is had to believe we are on our third day of travel.  These days have flown by, no pun intended :)
Here we are waiting to board the plane to Frankfurt

We flew from Houston to Frankfurt and then onto Sofia.
We had a long layover in Frankfurt and were able to leave the airport and explore for a couple hours.
Buying tickets for the train into Frankfurt.
We got to exchange USD for Euros because the machines only took cash.
Trains :)
These guys were watching something.
I not sure what.
I thought it was peculiar the way they were perched on the corner the roof. 
Authentic German food. 
This sauerkraut was so good! 
It had a slightly sweet taste and there was a bay leaf in it.
The outside of the restaurant where we ate lunch.

Wednesday morning we came to Felicity's town.
The drive through the country reminded me a lot of Pennsylvania.
This sign told us which way to go! 
Too bad our Bulgarian is for the birds!
We stopped to look at this scene.  My iPhone camera does not really do it justice.

When I look at it, I cannot help but sing (in my head)
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul,
When at the cross the savior made me whole
Night was turned to day and my was washed away
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul
We pick up Felicity tomorrow!!!!
Stay tuned!

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