Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Month's Worth of Fun

I am not sure where time goes, but it sure flies!  We have done a lot since my last picture update.

Planted a garden

And it grew from this  .....           to this                            

Our first harvest

Our first broken bone. 
I pray it will be our last as it has been quite a process.

The first cast ... neon pink!!!!
 The second cast - neon orange!!!!

And for the record, she does own more than one skirt :)

 We baked cookies with friends

Then, ate the cookies, MMMMMM......

The big girls wanted me to wake up to something special --- God's Word and a note that said "I luve mom"

 Yummy custard!



Learning to measure

The properties of water

Great grip for a 2 year old!!!!!

Just a swinging!!!!!

Daddy's girlie

She graded her own work :)

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