Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Life Over Here

We have had Sammy and Gloria for three days now.  I am very pleasantly surprised at how well it is going.  After reading blogs that details the challenges of the first few nights "home," I am feeling really blessed.  We are having fun getting to know the kids. 

Sammy likes curds, but not curds with prunes ;)  He likes to clean up and often finds something to put in the trash.  He has learned three signs, eat, drink and more.  He also learned how to pucker his lips for a kiss :).  He used to like bananas, he devoured them when we would take them to the orphanage and he will not touch them now.  Sammy likes milk and pediasure.  He lays right down for his nap and goes right to sleep.

Gloria is just a doll and her smiles are piercing.  She is crawling, pulling up and starting to mimic "SOOOO BIG."   She does not like bananas, but loves her bottle. 

We have been able to visit Seth each day.  At each visit he seems to be a little more into us.  We will pick him up on Monday and all the kids will be free!!!!


  1. So cute! I love Gloria's smile! :)


  2. Your new children are SO beautiful, Jen!! Praying for you as you bring them home!!

  3. I love this update! I have been curious of the childrens personalities and how you all are doing! They are all precious!!!

  4. Thanks for the update! I love reading about your family and how y'all are getting to know eachother. :o)

  5. I feel like I am getting to know them with you! Thanks for the updates and pictures! So happy for you all!

  6. so so sweet!!!! can't wait to see you all at home!!


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