Monday, July 4, 2011

What a week!!!!

This past week was a whirlwind of preparations.  Many friends gave to us this week ... they gave time, talents and money.  They helped with the cause of the orphan and played a huge part in making a home for our new children.  We will be eternally grateful and humbled by the outpouring of love and support we received this week.

I would like to thank April, Brandy, Christi B, Christy S, Doug and Cricket, Heather, Holly & young men, Janet and her girls, Jessica, Sara, and Stacy and her super crew for all they did this week.  Without each one of you something would be missing and we would not be ready for the kids to come home.  From the depth of our souls, we thank you for being the hands and feet.

So what did we do this week?????
We took apart and put back together two cribs to move them into different rooms.
We assembled three cribs.  ....did you do the math???? Yep, that is 5 cribs!  Wowza.

This girl is JUST like her mama ... she had natural talents with the socket wrench ;)

We made-up the beds

We picked up a new bench for the table and now have enough room for all!

The kids watched a million hours of Little House on the Prairie

We organized cupboards.

We moved over 1000 books ... yep, we have a lot of books.  When you homeschool, you need books ;) Moving the books, enabled us to remove 4 bookshelves from the school room and freed up floor space so we can all do school together :)  

Speaking of school ... I am rethinking second grade curriculum ... but that is another story ;)

This inside corner was filled with bookshelves. The unblocked window made the room feel brand new.

We moved out loads of furniture to make the office/playroom into a play/therapy room.  Woo Hoo!! - Lots of floor space!   HA!!! See all those toys ... they made no haste in putting that floor space to use!

We sorted, purged, packed away, organized closets and filled dressers.  I think we have four million pieces of clothes.   Then we shopped for more clothes LOL ... We needed specific sizes, fill in pieces and shoes!   Gotcha day outfits were purchased and are very cute ... I know you are dying to see them, but you will have to wait just a few more days.

We still have work to do when we get home, but everyone has clothes and a place to sleep!


  1. Jen, it is so thrilling to read this! And how exciting to see you this much closer to having these precious ones home!

  2. That's some major nesting! Can't wait to see them all at home settled in!

  3. I'm getting so excited right along with you :) Continuing to ray for you all!


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