Friday, October 7, 2011

Quilts!!!! Quilts and More Quilts Help for a friend -

I promise I WILL update you all on the kids really soon ... they rock! Life is so incredibly busy right now and blogging takes me a long time. 

Seth is awesome and is eating with a spoon - ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!  Remember 3 months ago he could not hold a sippy cup? 

Here are a few pics of the crew .. aren't the cute?!

Now for the real purpose of this post

My friend, Mindy, is adopting a sweet sweet boy in a couple of weeks. He is so precious.  His name is "Frank" but it will soon be Henry.  He is only 2 months old and his parents are here on work visa's.  They love little "Frank" but you see he has Down Syndrome.  In China, people who are a little different are not accepted.  He will never be allowed to go to school.  He will not be allowed to be seen in public.  His birth parents love him so much they are willing to give him to a family that will love him and give him the best life!

Adoption costs money.  The Lord called and the Churchill's said "YES!". They didn't know how they would raise the funds but the Lord does. So right now you can check out their fundraiser.  Mindy is an awesome quilter!  Please check out her blog.  You can win one of 4 quilts!!!!  I LOVE those odds!  I have one of her quilts and let me tell you....I LOVE IT!!!!

Thank you for considering!!!


  1. wonderful! i have just let indy know about my 'sharing sunday' linkup! it may help xx
    would also love you linking updear lady to show the WHY behind the fundraising. your family and journey is awe inspiring xxx

  2. I'm so glad you posted. We are following in your footsteps in many ways and your blog has been very helpful to us in preparing. We also have 6 kids and are adopting 3 from EE. I love seeing the pics and can't wait to here how your family is adjusting.


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