Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BIG Prayer request for Seth

I sat down to write this blog and my precious Samuel pulled a gallon of orange juice off the counter.  Oh man, was I annoyed.  Why can't he ever leave anything alone, all he does is get into stuff, he drives me crazy with his touching, pulling things off of high places, getting into drawers, endlessly playing in the ice and water at the refrigerator.  Just great!  Now I cannot write  the blogpost because I have a huge mess to clean.

WHOA, NELLIE!!!!!  I was convicted of two things ...

1) There is a dark power that is ticked that I am requesting prayer for Seth.  This power is ticked that we are lifting Seth to Jesus.  He tried to distract me ... So boo on that dark power we need you to pray for Seth like crazy over the next two weeks.

2)  Sammy is not an annoyance, he is curious, he is thirsty, he is leaning, he wants to understand things, he loves learning and helping and most of all he is fearfully and wonderfully made. 

So, here goes ...

On April 17th, Seth is having a Sedated MRI.  You may recall that he had an ABR under sedation in November and the furry of facebook posts requesting prayer because he was not recovering well.  This MRI is absolutely necessary.  There is a gaggle of ologists that want to see what his brain looks like and it is needed for his cochlear implant evaluation too.  We are doing it at the main campus of TCH where they have PICU and are fully prepared to provide rescue procedures should he need them .... this is where you come in ...

Please pray ...  that he is able to recover from the anesthesia without intervention, that Narcan is not necessary, that is oxygen levels will remain high on room air,  that his wake up is fast and that he becomes fully awake and aware.  Please pray for us too, for our peace, sound mind and sound judgement in all of the activities of that day.

Thank you friends!

And for your amusement ... a typical Samuel mess ...


  1. Replies
    1. He will clean up a small spill on his own, but I had to get the roll of towels and mop for him. Then, I remopped after he was done.

  2. Wow, can't believe he cleaned up that mess. He is so cute. He reminds me so much of my son when he was little. He was so little, and had the same white hair. Actually, the pictures look just like my son. He only weighed 27 pound when he was four and stayed tiny forever. One day he decided to grow and is now 5"11", crazy how that happens. Your kids are all adorable.


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