Monday, April 23, 2012

A Thank You and A New Diagnosis

Thank you all for praying for Seth's MRI.  He did GREAT!!!! The anesthesiologist only used one drug vs. the three that were used with his last sedation.  The difference was night and day.  Praise God!

The MRI results have confirmed that Seth has Cerebral Palsy.  This is our second surprise diagnosis.  Hopefully, it is our last.  I spoke with the neurologist on the phone to review the test results.  We go to see her in person in a few weeks.   One of her suggestions was ABA Therapy - nothing formal, just me doing it at home.  I am also in the process of making my own version of the PECS system to try and help him communicate. 

He turned SEVEN over the weekend!!! We had a fun party and that blog is in the process ... along with our nine month home update.


  1. Poor guy! God isn't surprised by his diagnosis... Praying you'll be able to stay strong to handle everything ahead of you!

  2. Praying, Jenn. He's the same little boy you fell in love with and God loves so very much. I told myself that over and over as we were walking the unknown diagnosis road with Xander. This new knowledge will just help you tweak some things to give him the best opportunities available. :)

  3. Though I'm sure you wish - for Seth's sake - that he didn't have to struggle with the issues he has...I'm glad they were able to give a diagnosis so you know what you (plural...all of you) are up against. Now you will be able to find the best treatment/therapies for Seth's needs. Holly

  4. Praying for you all! My oldest daughter, now 22 has cerebral palsy. We spent a lot of time in therapies etc.... It's all very worth it in th ene. You are such loving glad he has a great family! Michelle Gamble


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