Saturday, May 4, 2013

School - Science and Cooking Class

This week we studied water, which materials absorb water efficiently, which material retain strength when wet and had a ball!!!!  Anything that is messy is fun!!!
Our materials included; tissues, paper towels, coffee filters, dish cloths, plastic wrap and aluminum foil.
First we tested which materials absorbed well.
 Even the little ones got in on the action! 
We tested which matereials retained strength wehn wet.

We have been studying George Washington as well.
We made Johnny Cakes and a Cherry Pie. 
Johnny cakes are a pancake that is made out of corn meal vs. wheat flour. 
We served they with molasses, apple butter and applesauce.  The kids were not fond of the molasses.
The cherry pie came from the story of George chopping down the cherry tree.   

Hopie SLATHERED on the molasses ... too much ... it was inedible.  But she was adventuress and tried it. 

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