Sunday, August 11, 2013

Crazy Camp Prep!!!!

The kids are going to day camps this week.
Yes, campS - as in more than one.
As in one that is 28 miles away - one way - ahhh - 112 miles driving for that camp - I don't drive 100 miles a week normally.
Praise God, I have a helper that will be taking part of the crew to the close camp and working with Seth while I am on the road.
I'm pretty sure I will collapse on Friday.
We normally have "hot meals" for lunch.
This week we are not having hot meals for lunch.  I bought tons of convenience foods ... pudding, fruit cups, fig bars, cheese sticks, applesauce packs, goldfish, animal crackers etc.
We did tons of prep today -- all the camp kids have their lunch / snack bags ready to go and we made sandwiches for the kids staying home. 
She was determined to open the box of bags.
The big girls working hard.
And having fun!
Ok, this was seriously funny.  He saw all the sandwiches and plopped down at the table.  He was very excited and ready to eat them!
A week's worth of sandwiches.
All the lunches and snacks packed and in bins!
Stocked!  Ready for the week!

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