Saturday, August 24, 2013

My HOT MESS - Year End School Room Clean Out

Life gets crazy busy sometimes and things get out of control!
My school rooms were crazy out of control!
So out of control, I did not know where to start. 
To start, I moved furniture and swept the floor ...
One shoe ... one sock ... wedgets .... kitty toys ... peg stackers ... books .... papers ... a recorder top ...pencils ... giant tweezers and lots of ...dirt ....
It took nearly the whole weekend and week of working on it of and on as time allowed
and when I had a helper to keep the kids from "helping" me.
 I worked until my bones ached!!!! 
I filled a 50 gallon trash can!
BUT everything is now back in its place.
Where these wire racks are, I had a gigantic piece of wooden furniture and
it blocked the natural light coming in from the windows. 
The wire racks really open the room. and make it inviting vs dungeonesque!
Next week's project is to re-basket and apply color coded stickers to  all the books.
I am accepting volunteers to help with this project ... come on over!  I have coffee!
These books, on the floor. were our book basket books for MFW Adventures, they came out of the school rooms and need to go to a high shelf.  I needed Wayne's help to do that.

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  1. It must feel great to get that accomplished! How did the week of camps go?


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