Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jesse Tree Advent Celebrations

Last night we started our annual Jesse Tree Advent Celebration.

We read from The Advent Jesse Tree by Dean Lambert, color a coloring page and then hang an ornament on our Jesse Tree.
We have used this book for 4 or 5 years now.

"This book offers 25 devotions for each day from December 1st to December 25th, Christmas Day... the day Christians celebrate that God's purpose was finally revealed in the coming of the savior, Jesus Christ.  Each devotion traces the heritage of Jesus through the stories and prophecies of the Old Testament. 

These daily Advent devotions are written in two versions (one for children and one version for adults) including a scripture, a story & commentary, questions to ask, a prayer, and a song.

* The Advent Jesse Tree -  ORNAMENT CRAFTS
Each devotional story is paired with a representative symbol that traces the heritage of Jesus…such as a lamb, a dove, a rainbow, a heart, a star, etc.   Children and their parents can utilize the symbolic line art printed with each daily devotion to craft meaningful ornaments.   These symbols coincide with the prayers, a memory verses, questions for children, and songs found in the devotions for that day.
Finally, on Christmas day, your tree will be filled with reminders of 25 Bible stories that led up to Christ’s birth." ~Amazon description
This Kindle book is available for immediate download if you have the urge to start an Advent
Devotion today.
I see Ann Voskamp has put the Jesse Tree into a book also. 
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