Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pampered Chef

We are having a Pampered Chef Party!  Who doesn't love Pampered Chef? 

This is another amazing testimony to the faithfulness, generosity and the love of my sister in Christ.

My friend Christi has a Pampered Chef business and offered to have a show for us.  She is giving the profits from the show to Elliot.  That is really generous, right?!  Yep, it is!!!! 

But there is more to the story... this is a story of sacrifice, of unconditional love, of the love of Jesus being shown, of walking the talk of Christianity, of putting your money where your mouth is, literally.  Christi doesn't know it but Christ has used her to strengthen my faith.  She is a shining example of Christ, her faith, her trust, her hope, her love and her support come directly from Jesus and I see Him in her.

Christi's husband has been unemployed from his full-time job for over 6 months.  He just had a major surgery that had to be paid for out-of-pocket.  Do you have any idea how expensive health care is?  Christi started this business to supplement her family income while her husband continues to seek full-time employment.  Christi's income from Pampered Chef contributes to their family's livelihood.  Amazingly, in their time of need, they are giving. You can read more about Christi and her family here.

Please consider booking a show.  I would love to see Christi's generosity come back to her tenfold!  Even if you are far away, you could host an online show with Christi as your consultant.

Onto Elliot's show .... you can place orders by clicking this link

This will take you directly to my show.  If you are local, ship your orders to me and I will deliver them to you.  If you are a far, you can have the orders shipped directly to your home!  Thank you!

Make sure you check out all the PINK items here.One dollar from the sale of every pink item will be donated to the American Cancer Society.  You will get a double bang for your buck - you will help orphans and help fight cancer!  WHOOT!!!

The show says it is ending on the 24th, which is a glitch.  The show is ending on the 31st in time for all the May specials.  Look at these great specials!

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