Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quilt Giveaway Fundraiser

With our approval comes a real need for some serious money.  We had expected to have the adoption funded by now, but through a series of circumstances, that just is not the case.  God is using this experience to humble me.  I am NOT one to ask for help and I would much rather be the giver than the receiver.   But   ... here we are, with a huge shortfall, so we are jumping into fundraising and are looking for creative ways to fund the children's homecomings.


My sweet friend Mindy makes beautiful quilts and very generously offered to make a fundraising quilt for us.  I cannot express the gratitude I feel in my heart for her generosity. 

This is a beautiful quilt made with quality fabric and "warm and white" batting.  It was machine quilted and hand bound.

You have 2 weeks to buy as many entries as you can :)




$100 =20

The first person to donate $300 or more,
will receive a  custom quilt! (full size or smaller) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please share this on your blog, twitter, facebook, with your friends and even your enemies ;).  When you have shared the giveaway three times, leave a comment below and you will get one entry.


The Chipin is expiring mid-day for some reason. Donations can be made to our RR support page once the chipin expires.

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