Friday, May 13, 2011

Quilt Update - WOW WOW WOW

As you know, my sweet friend Mindy makes beautiful quilts and very generously offered to make a fundraising quilt for us.  I knew the quilt would be a great fundraiser.  What I did not know was the number of people that want to pay for a quilt.

We received a $300 donation and will send a custom quilt to that donor - THANK YOU!!

Mindy will soon be stocking her Etsy shop and if you do not win our giveaway, you will be able to buy one directly from her.

Until then   .... don't forget about our fundraiser.  We have about 5ish weeks left and are still about 10k short to fund Elliot's adoption and about 20K short if we want to bring home two additional children.

Please, please, please share this on your blog, twitter, facebook, with your friends and even your enemies ;).  When you have shared the giveaway three times, leave a comment below and you will get one entry.


The Chipin is expiring mid-day for some reason. Donations can be made to our RR support page once the chipin expires.

This is our final week 

$100 =20


  1. I sent a paypal....but it said Reece's Rainbow.....will it get directed appropriately????

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  3. Yes, as long as you used one of the links on the blog. Donations go to RR and are given to us when we travel. Thank you very much!

  4. Happy to contribute! Hope your little ones are home soon!


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