Sunday, May 20, 2012

HELP!!! Searching for Gerber Ready Sip Lids

Greber used to make these really cool lids called Ready Sip Lids. 

They fit perfectly on a Pediasure or Ready Made Formula Bottle. 

I used to have a stash.  Over the years that stash has dwindled.  I had two "good ones" left.  On Friday night, there was some confusion and my last two got thrown away .... boo hoo hoo ... 

These were really nice because I could just throw Pediasure and formula bottles in the bag with these tops and go.  It also made the bottle spill & drip proof.

 It is a very small thing, but when six of nine children need a diaper bag packed, it was a luxury :)

They are perfect for when a child is out growing drinking from a bottle.

My sister had one stashed at her apartment.  Thank goodness, once again, for Aunt Sissy!!!!!

These are not the same as the Gerber Water Bottle Lid that is currently in production - the Ready Sip Lids have a wide neck.

So, if you have a Gerber Ready Sip Lid that you no longer need, I would love to take it off your hand. I will gladly pay for the top and the shipping.


  1. I saw your post when looking for lids for my daughters Pediasure bottles. Then I found what you were looking for on Amazon:

    Hope this helps.

  2. Did you buy these? Do they work with Pediasure bottles?

  3. I just spoke to Gerber as I too have been searching for these. They discontinued them in December 2010.These were the best when my 9 and 10 year olds were toddlers and on PediaSure. They also worked on regular bottles and Gerber juice bottles. I have a 14 month old that refuses all the sippy cups I've offered her (about 10 kinds) and thought these would work great :(

  4. Hello! I too have been looking for these lids. I thought I was finished having babies in 2010 when my youngest turned 5 so I threw them all away. Then this year we got a surprise and I wanted those lids! I found something that works at It is called snack trap no spill bottle cap set. It has 5 adapters to fit any size bottle so I click the purple and red together and it screws onto the Gerber juice bottle perfectly. They are pricey at $6.25 each but they work and are versatile enough to work with any sizes bottle.

  5. Love the innovation! I've wasted some money buying all types of sippy cups for my young one to like but they do love the Pediasure drinks! I'm gonna try and find a similar lid to Gerber and attach it to the Pediasure bottles too! Thanks for sharing


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