Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prayers of praise and a request

Guess who went to the cardiologist and got the ALL CLEAR!!

This little dollie, right here!!!!!


She had "a long cardiac history" from the orphanage. At her first appointment in the U.S., they only found a small PDA. That small PDA has closed and she is released from cardiology. Praise the Lord for His healing hand and two less ology appointments for this mama to manage a year!

Our sweet little Hope will be having a frenulectomy this week. Would you pray for her? It is not a huge, deal or huge surgery. Grace and Faith have both had the prodedure and they did great with it and Noah will have to have his done too. It is funny that every one of our biological kids have tied tongues. A paternal and maternal grandparent both had tied tongues ... anyway ... I know Hopie will do great too, but this mama covets your prayers anyway.

This is the most precious video, be sure to watch it!

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