Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chronicling Kindergarten

I cannot believe my little Faith will be starting Kindergarten.  I am going to chronicle her kindy year here. 

We started her first project yesterday; a My Father's World Remembrance Quilt.  We made a quilt for each of the big kids in their kindy year rather than making the badges that My Father's World recommends.  In each unit, a letter, an object and a biblical concept is taught.  For example, "S" is the Sun with the biblical concept of Jesus is the light of the world. 

The green fabric is for the front of the quilt, the paisley fabric is the back of the quilt and the ribbon will make the squares --- yep, it is a cheater quilt. :)

... And just for fun and because I love the so much, here are the big kids quilts.

Joy's Quilt

Gracie's Quilt

Bub's Quilt


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun to make! They will always treasure them and the memories too!

  2. Those quilts are such a good idea and so precious! :)

  3. ahh...I need more info! How did you make them? How are the pictures on the fabric?

    1. We used a variety of mediums in creating the quilt. We used fabric paint with stencils, fabric markers with the stencils and also free drawing, rubber stamps with fabric ink, iron on patches, and sewn on ribbon.


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