Sunday, September 9, 2012

A New Plan

I am trying something new.
Last night we cooked about 30 eggs in the rice cooker.  If you did not know, you can hard boil eggs in the rice cooker.  I have this three-in-one rice cooker, it is a fabulous kitchen tool.  I would really like to have two of them!  I use it for all sorts of things ... including non-soaked small white beans in 45 minutes.  Anyway, I digress ...
We go to the early service at church and are home by 11:30ish.    I love the amount of "stuff" I can accomplish after church.  Today's plan was to make lunches for the week.  We walked in the door, everyone had marching orders.  I set to making lunch for the day and for the week.  And now am writing this post.
 My plan is to rotate between tuna and egg salad sandwiches with raw veggies and fruit. The idea is that the kids will grab the egg/tuna salad and someone will make sandwiches out of them.  They will also grab one tomato and one carrot container to be entirely consumed at that day's lunch.  If they want them, they can have the apple slices too.  I tried a trick I read on pinterest.  The apples are soaking in soda.  They are soaking in Hansen's Ginger Ale.  It is a natural soda, so I am hoping it does the trick of keeping them from browning.  If it doesn't, I will throw the whole batch into the crock pot and make applesauce.  If it works, I have a lovely time-saving new trick.
All of the foods can be served on paper plates, so the only dishes we should generate are cups and knives from making the sandwiches.
SOUNDS GREAT IN THEORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am really hoping it will work. 
I have a helper here 4 days during the week.  This past week as school ramped, some mornings she helped get kids dressed (it takes us f.o.r.e.v.e.r for meals and breakfast is no exception)  she helped wrangle babies, kept our laundry caught up and helped clean up after lunches so I could go back to the school room. 
In this picture you see our lunch for the week.
I gave the food it's own shelf ... let's hope my grab and go plan works!!!!
If you think about it, we could use prayers. We have grueling therapy/dr appt schedules right now.  Praise God, many of them are in home and my helper is currently helping me manage his speech sessions ... BUT ...  This week we are adding hippo therapy back into our therapy regimen. 4 kids are getting hippo therapy. Obviously, we are going to the ranch for that. It will put me out of the house for three hours one afternoon a week ... prime school time ... I am hoping to come up with a really smart plan ... as to how to make up that time ... I am bouncing some thoughts around in my head, but cannot see the big picture yet .. so it is a work in progress. 
We are also praying about adding two additional speech therapies a week for Seth.  We feel he could really benefit from more speech sessions.  We are working on the rehabbing an injured player theory, more is better right now, work, work, work ...
  Here is a screen shot of my week ...


  1. Your schedule looks exhausting :) Praying for strength and endurance!

    I love the grab and go idea...working on ways of simplifying here as well and will have to try that. I love how involved you get your children in the meal prep. What great helpers!

  2. I like the idea about premade lunches. Your schedule looks um, fUlL!! I would like to hear how things turned out with the lunches if you have time.



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