Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Kindy Girl

I can hardly believe that my sweet Faith is in Kindergatern.
She will be my 4th to teach kindy to.  Should be a piece of
cake, right?!
She was very excited this morning!
She wrote her sign with just a bit of help
forming the k and the 2.
Today's number was 1!
I did not get a picture of her making
her creation folder.  We are studying
creation for the next 9 days. 
So excited!  She loved me reading from
the bible and kept telling me what God
was going to do next.
Faith will be using My Father's World Kindergarten,
Explode the Code, Handwriting without Tears, and will
be learning math facts through song and dance.  We
will actually be using a variety of different medias to
master addition and subtraction facts.
The big kids have been schooling with math and
spelling through the summer.
Tomorrow, well actually, later today they will start adding in more subjects.

I have been frantically planning ... and planning  ...
and planning and installing software and updating operating
systems and call in Dell customer service.

I am almost ready for the big kids!  They will ramp into their
new curriculums over the next three weeks. 

This is what I looked at and worked on for a good part of the day.

I ran into a glitch trying to mount and ISO file as a virtual CD/DVD drive.

I am excited to be back in the school room!

The big kids are using some combination of the following ...
it would be too confusing to list by kiddo ...
My Father's World Adventures
Teaching Textbooks
SOS Bible
Explode the Code
Wordly Wise B & C
First Language Lessons
Writing With Ease
Horizon Phonics
Sequential Spelling
I Can Do All Things
English From the Roots Up
The Complete Book of Time and Money
Pathway Readers "for fun"

I have the first 12 weeks planned ...



  1. Wow! You are amazing! I am having such a difficult time with my 3 kiddos. It was our first day today, and it was very stressful! I should say is because we haven't finished yet. And, we are easing back in with just the basics! Looking at all of the different stuff you are using, I am in awe. How do you make it all work together and stay sane?

    I love the picture of Faith! Isaiah started Kindy today too!

    1. It is a zoo!!!! We are easing into it and I have a helper. I am not sure how it is going to look. I just planned 12 weeks, so I can regroup if it isn't working. Right now, my plan is bible and calender with everyone first thing. Then work with Faith one on one .. although Hope is really expressing an interest, so I may let her sit in on as much as she wants. While I am working with Faith, the big kids will be doing their independent work. Then we will have lunch, babies go down for naps and I work one on three with the big kids for the subjects that I need to teach. My helper leaves at 3, so my goal is to be done by three.

      That's my plan ... we will see what my reality looks like :)

  2. It sounds wonderful! I'm glad to hear you have a helper. =] Our day 2 was better. I think I need to learn to go with the flow!


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