Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Still Ramping

We are working our way back into a full school schedule.
Today, we brought the whole crew back together for bible.  We started by singing This is My Father's World.   We will sing that every morning ... or so ... through out the year.
Don't they look thrilled??/!!!
Then we read today's Proverb and colored a page to go along with it.  The whole crew was coloring ... check out Gloria's grip on the crayon!!!
Then, I sent them all packing ... and worked with Faith.
Here she is working on her creation time line and creation book

Hope is moving right along ... look at her writing her name :)

CHECK THIS OUT .... Seth got this toy and played with it appropriately!!!!! That is the first time he has gotten a toy and then played with it. 
Can you see in the picture the red puff above his eyebrow ...  he is hitting himself A LOT ... it started on Sunday and he has not recovered ... he also chewed up one of the cables for his cochlear coil today.  This is really, really bad.  Advances Bionics has been absolutely amazing to work with, but somehow I don't think "kids chewing up the pieces" is covered by warranty.  OY!

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