Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Make up, Tulips, 1936 Olympics, Nazi Memorabilia, Alexander Nevski, Dobri Dobrev and The Yellow Brick Road

After Felicity finished her make-up
We toured some of Sofia ...

We went to an open air market where they had a lot of antiques

1936 Olympic Flasks   ....

Lots of Nazi memorabilia
I vacillated between horrified, intrigued and deeply saddened at what had taken place.

A pro negotiator, right here 
More vendors
St.     Alexander    Nevsky     Cathedral

Dobri Dobrev - he is almost 100 years old and is probably the world's best know
Beggar Philanthropist
He donates the money he collects to churched and orphanages.
I was blessed to "meet" him.

The Yellow Brick Road
 No Wizard, No Dorothy, No Elton
just beautiful yellow bricks
Austrian Embassy

Beautiful Gate!

Italian Embassy

Russian Chruch
The Twisting Tree 

This church is "sunken" It seems that
Sofia has grown up around it.

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