Sunday, April 6, 2014

National Opera, Temple Sveta Sofia, National Library

My first opera :)

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids
Neat lunch ... bowl with built in spoon rest and coffee spoon with an s shape for hanging on the glass

Temple Sveta


 National Library
My mom loved lilacs
Statues are Saints Cyril and Methodius
I don't know what the name of this building is, but it is used as offices for the churches - Nevski and Temple Svetla   ... at least that was my understanding
Parachute pants  .. for real!!!  Friends if the styles in EE are any indication of our upcoming trends - the 80's will be in full swing next year!  I've hear more Madonna in the last week, than in the last two decades. 

This priest's look made me think "Men in Black"
I did not get to close to him and I remember everything lol
Dinner   ... did I eat it  ... yes or no???

Right back up

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