Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Correll Jewelers

We just went to

*** Correll Jewelers
11515 Jones Road   
Houston Texas 77070

and  were just turned away at the door because according to the owner; It is rude to bring children to a jewelry store.  

He offered for me to stand in the parking lot, in the rain and be waited on.

We have meals purchased for us in restaurants because people appreciate how well behaved my children are.

My kids were in tears because he was so mean.  He did not even give them a chance. 

I had over 75 pieces of jewelry for him to look at, buy, consign or reject.


If you love children, I suggest you find another jeweler.
 If you are a jewelry store in Houston, TX that loves children - we would love to do business with you!!!!  We have an adoption to pay for!!!


  1. You neglected to say you had nine (9) childern, wheel chairs and strollers included. I don't think you'll find a jewelry store in Houston that would welcome you. Enough said.

    1. The above comment was sent anonymously, but I believe it is from Correll Jewelers. Here is the identifying information that came with the message.

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      This comment also came through.
      So you think it's fine to drag 10 children with all the chairs and strollers into a small fine jewelry showroom and you expect retailers to accept you with open arms? sorry your mistaken! And then spend all your time posting on the enet about how you decided yourself to leave and not enter store! You were never denied entrance so tell the truth about the circus you created.

      We were denied entrance. He walked up the ramp and pulled the door shut behind him. It was very very velar we were unwelcome. Additionally, his words here and on FB disprove his own words about being denied entrance. There was no circus. There were ten of us, including my children with disabilities, but there was no circus.

      I believe that there is clear discrimination here. Twice he says about Seth's wheelchair.

    2. Check this out ... here are all nine of them in a waiting room that was about 6x12. They are kids, but they would have been polite and behaved,

  2. Refusing someone entrance bc they are in a wheelchair is discrimination. Instead of assuming her children would not be well behaved, why not give them a chance. I bet you would have been pleasantly surprised. Instead, now the world gets to see what an unpleasant person you are :(

  3. You handled this very well, Jen! Shame on them!


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