Sunday, October 20, 2013

Serving Others!!!

Today we co-hosted the widows luncheon at church with another couple and my sweet friend and her kids.
Our kids do  not have grandparents that they get to spend time with.  My parents are both dead, Wayne's mom is dead too and his dad lives 1200 miles away.  So  ... they are missing a whole generation of blessings from their lives.  There is a certain richness and wisdom that you can only glean from the older generations.  We were blessed with a whole room full of ladies and gentleman today. 

Nathanial asked the blessing and he thanked the Lord for allowing us to serve the way Jesus served His disciples. 
What an absolute blessing!!!!  We can't wait to do it again!!!!
Rolling silverware and napkins
Serving drinks
Taking drink orders
Waiting to serve
Preparing plates
 Joy wrote name tags as the ladies and gentlemen came in the room
My sweet friend
More name tags
Gracie made a sweet friend!
Faith made a friend too!

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