Monday, October 28, 2013

We Are Blessed!!! Felicity is Precious and we have a $1000 Matching Grant

Wayne made it to Felicity's city.  The area is very
pretty and reminds me a little of

Wayne had two precious visits with Felicity today.

She is understandably shy, but did warm up to him.
During their morning visit, they played outside on the swing
and for their afternoon visit, they played inside the orphanage. 
She picked toys out of the bag that Wayne brought to play
with. She really seemed to like a Baby Einstein Giraffe Rattle.
We can't wait for you to see how precious she is!!!!!!
We have been given a VERY GENEROUS
matching grant of $1000.00!!!  
This matching grant doubles all donations up to $1000.00!

Donations are tax deductible! 

We have $3600 in fees that are payable in November. 
We really need to meet this grant.  Can you help us?
We  have so many pictures to share! 
When the grant reaches the first
$500.00 in donations, we will remove the heart
and add additional pictures to this post. 
Our AdoptTogether account needs to reach $2549 for the pictures to be
posted and $3049 to meet the entire grant amount.
Every single donation will help!
Friends, she is just precious ... wait until you see her. 
Until then, you can look at my handsome hubby ;)

Donations are tax deductible!


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