Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cochlear Implant Surgery - GRAPHIC picture WARNING

Hey friends --- this post contains graphic inner ear pictures .... if that kind of stuff wigs you out, you better skip this blog post :)

Seth went for surgery on 7/9
The surgery was a success and recovery has been awesome.
He will be activated in another week.  We will have a several hour appointment where they turn the device on and then map the sound.  This site has a much more elloquent explination of mapping than I could offer.  If you are interested in the technical stuff, read this

Daddy praying over seth before the surgery

Waiting to go back ...

What the surgeon did ....


Not happy in recovery, but ready to go home.

Incision site - day 1

Fancy bandage

Sucking those fingers ... one of his favorite stims to comfort himself

Not long after this picture, he came to me and held his arms up for me to pick him up  - FIRST TIME EVER !!!!!!!!

Incision site day 6
Incision site withot hair pulled back ... you can hardly tell he has an incision.

His handsomeness to bless your day!!!!


  1. So glad he was able to have this surgery! Prayerful it is super successful for him!

  2. Wow, he looks awesome! I am so glad that his recovery went so well!!

  3. Awww, he is just beautiful! So glad to see he's recovering well... I've been praying!!

  4. What a blessing for Seth to have yall as parents and to be able to get this marvelous surgery. Can't wait to hear about the day when he first gets to hear!

  5. I've been hoping for more info and prayed for him too. Love that he held up his arms for you!

  6. Amazing what the surgeon did! I am glad he is healing so quickly.
    I can't wait until activation day!


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