Monday, July 16, 2012

My answer ...

... to these questions ...

Is adopting a child with special needs fair to your other children?

Are your other children suffering because of sacrifices they make for that child?

Do your children resent their sibling with special needs?

Look at this picture ...


Is this a picture of a child who is suffering because of their sibling with special needs?

Or is this a picture of a child learning unconditional love?


Faith asked if she could nap with Seth this afternoon.  Seth isn't an easy kiddo to sleep with ... he rocks (see the protected walls we put up to keep him safe) he screams, he laughs, he gets in and out of bed and carries on a lot.  She does see those actions, but she loves her brother anyway!!!! 

Is that fair, is she missing something, is she suffering???

I am so incredibly proud of how all my children embrace one another. 

Please don't let the fear of what your other children may lose, have to endure, suffer ... stop you from adopting a child with special need.  They will gain so much more that you can ever imagine.

Is it hard?  Yep!  Is it worth it? Yep!  ... You and your other children will grow and be so much more than you ever imagined ... you all will learn how to be the hands and feet of Jesus. 

And a child that deserves a family ... will have one.

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  1. Wondering, since Seth is a trouble sleeper, have you all considered those bed tents for children with Autism and other sensory issues? I've read a lot of great results on them. Something to possibly look into to stop the rocking, and waking, and screaming and getting up at night and during sleeps!


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