Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am sure many of my reader friends know that Catherine from Wronginalltherightways  and I are good friends and some of you read her blog.  If you miseed it, she just posted a one year update on her girls
It chronicled the year of healing her girls have experienced.
It turns out Vicki Lou should never have needed that healing ... at one point she was a healthy and pudgy! 

Our friend Tracey had taken pictures of Victoria, six months before Catherine met Victoria.  Neither Tracey or Catherine recognized those pictures as being Victoria. 

I am heartbroken   ... I have copied and pasted Tracey's blog in its entirety. 

This is why ... this is why .... this is why ...

"I have gotten Many comments from yesterdays post, even a not so nice one! I don't understand why people feel they have the need to spread hate for adoption. Do they think the need is not real? THE TRUTH IS REAL AND I WILL PROVE IT TO YOU!!

I have met so many wonderful people along our adoption path, each with a different story but all with a wonderful heart for adoption. We as adoptive parents search for answers and the truth about why our child is the way they are and why they do the things they do. I have found answers to some and sadly the answers I have founds sickens me, even for my own little guy, Kullen

After posting my blog post last night, I received a comment from a follower of my friend Catherine's blog. She noted that a picture I posted looked alot like Catherine's little girl named Victoria. I then kept looking at the pictures I had of her and then the pictures Catherine has of her and realized that they did indeed look alot alike.

You see, We adopted Kullen before Catherine was there and we shared info with her about the orphanage and even the children we had seen there. We seen her little girl Francesca each and every day, but her little girl, Victoria we did not see, or did we?

I called Catherine this morning and asked her if she had read my post last night and she said she did, why? I explained to her that a comment I got about my post, thought a picture I had posted looked alot like Victoria. She did not see her in any of the pictures so I asked her to look again as I explained that this little girl was always expressionless, never smiling and had a little birth mark on her face. She looked closer and realized this was her and she could tell by her eyes, the eyes she looks into each and every day.

Why would she not recognize her own little girl you may ask? Well, I will show you why. What you see will shock you just as it did us. We met her little girl 6 months before she did and the changes were astronomical! This is what sickens my heart!!

Do you see this beautiful little girl? She certainly looks pretty healthy but quite withdrawn but she was in a crib in Kullens room with the other children..........but in 6 months time, what happened to her? Why was she suddenly left in the back room, barely fed and pretty much left to die until Catherine came to get her? What did this little girl ever do to be treated the way she was?

Why would a person do this to a little girl? This is what she looked like from neglect in just 6 short months. To us we think, 6 short months but I am sure to Victoria and her tiny deteriorating body that it was 6 LONG MONTHS!! I am shocked....this is ALL THE PROOF THAT YOU NEED!! If this little girl was there any longer, she would certainly not have lived much longer. I thank God that Catherine was able to get to her in time and that she now has a living family and the medical care she needs!

Children need loving families no matter what and this kind of abuse in orphanages MUST end! I know many other stories similar to this and it is all very sickening and there is absolutely NO excuse and the truth must be heard!!

This is why God has chosen or family to bring home our son Kullen and now to bring home Rowyn and Zekial. He has called us to do this and we are being obedient. Has God been trying to tell you something? If so, You really should listen! Adoption is NOT for everyone, that is not what I am saying but he may be calling you to help in some other way."

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