Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mapping and Hearing

Seth had his second mapping yesterday.  He was WILD!

He has been a little off  ... he has been putting everything in his mouth and hitting himeself again ... I think it is a reaction to not knowing what to do with all the sound.  He seems to vascilate between super happy to confused to mad. I can only imagine what he is thinking.

but .. but ... but ...
He is hearing! He is responding! He is seemingly happy about it when we are focused on hearing activities!

He pulled his hearing aids out A LOT .. A LOT, A LOT   ... he is not really messing with his coil or processor.  He did pull it off twice with one therapist, but he tends to act up for her a lot and of all his therapists, she has the most trouble handling him and making him listen. 

Second mapping session

Faith is playing the recorder with him - see the mouth thing?

Hosanna!  Seth is really enjoying the music

And he signed more -

without a hand prompt
 without anyone modeling
without him using my hands to sign

... HUGE ... HUGE ... HUGE !!!!!!!!!!


so much happening in this short clip

Expressing Emmotion


  1. I love it!! Watched each one a few times. :) So exciting!

  2. I love it, too. It's marvelous! Did Seth get to try to play the recorder himself? He looked like he wanted to in that video clip. Tharen


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