Friday, August 3, 2012

Best Cats Ever

Faith wanted a kitten for her birthday. 

So we got TWO!!! 

And they are the best cats ever.

The kids LOVE them and they LOVE the kids.

To be honest, I was concerned about the kitties having
enough patience to be  pets of 9 children.  But they have
totally surprised me.  There were actually 3 kitties and
we chose only two and I kinda wish we would have
taken the third too.  I am hopeful that a good home was

The girls are all sure the kitties are acutal babies.
This cat likes to be swaddle and pushed in the
shopping cart.  This kitty is Ruth.

Ruth perching

This kitty is Boaz and he loves the sink.

and the clothes basket

Some how, they think MY bed is theirs!

Or maybe they think the babies' crib is theirs.


  1. I brought my lids a kitten each for christmas. Our boys (Matthias and Altius) are very much loved in our home too.. but two is enough for me.. they are very demanding now they're a bit older. They meow for food, to get in, to get out, to have doors open for them.. As much as it sounds cute, it's tiring!! Lucky for you there are kids to keep your two company..

  2. I just LOVE cats!! We have 3 and I often wish I could have another..

  3. They have gotten so big! I can't believe you actually did a post on cats, maybe I am having some influence on you!

  4. We actually still have Scout, and she's much more adventurous now, running all over our house and playing with the dogs. If you want us to bring her over, just let us know!


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