Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cochlear Mapping #3

I have to tell you ... a cochlear implant is a miracle.

We had a big day today. First we saw the surgeon. Seth is doing great and was discharged. We only need to see him if we encounter a problem.

We then went to the audiologist and had another mapping session. Basically the volume was increased. He was giddy when his audiologist turned the CI on after changing the settings. I wish I had captured it on video.

His hearing was tested in the booth today and with the cochlear implant, he is hearing in the 30-40 dcbl range.

I've been less than stellar when it comes to making him wear his hearing aid. I was told today that even though it does not help him hear much, it does help the nerves stay open and if we do a second implant, we want the nerves to be open. So ... I ordered a neoprene headband that I am hoping will keep his hands off the hearing aid. He pulls them out every five seconds. Ok, that is an exaggeration, but every five minutes is not.

This video is after taking the implant off and putting it back for the second time with the new mapping.

We have another mapping session in two weeks!

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  1. Oh Jen this is so wonderful!! I am SO glad you all are having success!!!! Praise the Lord!


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