Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crazy Schedules!

This is my crazy August calendar.  If you count, you will see we have 42 Dr/therapy appointments this month!  Thankfully, a good portion of them are in the home. 

As we are gearing up for full time school, I am attempting to regain control through the use of an hourly "routine" chart.  We'll see ... it's kinda working ... a little, maybe :)

We have schooled all year and did not take a break for the summer, we just downsized the number of subjects we were doing.  In two weeks we will be in full swing with another grade added into the mix.  I will have two 3rd graders, a 2nd grader and a kindergartner.  How it will all fit in, I am not sure, but it will work somehow!  I do have to admit, I feel quite overwhelmed when thinking about all we will have to do in one day!

The kids that are responsible for chores, all have responsibility sheets.  The idea is they are laminated and they check off their responsibilities as they are completed.  We tried them out for a week and there are many tweaks that need to be made. We are going to work them one more week before I reprint and laminate new charts.

A close up of the chart.  In a perfect world, everyone will participate in the bedtime routine activities, so everyone has that on their chart.  

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