Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY Cochlear Implant Shirt - Take Two

A few days ago, I wrote this blog.  DIY Cochlear Impant Speech Processor Shirt

I made a few changes after Seth wore the other shirt for a few days.

I sewed up ten of these bad-boys, so I hope my changes are sufficient.

I moved the pocket under the arm.  I think this placement is better for when he is sitting.

I also made these without the Velcro.  I am now confident that the pocket is deep enough.

I also bought shirts that are a big snug.  These are a size 2/4 toddler and he typically wears a size 5/6 shirt.

I think this is my final design, for now ... lol

He will wear this as an undershirt, but for photos, I put in on top of his shirt.

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